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Keeping it cool
Sunday, August 7, 2011 ★

I'm not the type of person comfortable in speaking in front of the class. There are those who seem to easily speak out what's in their mind and I envy them XD How words flow exuberantly from them. In fact, there are those who seem silent but surprisingly outspoken when they're reporting in front of the class. While I sit there, sweating myself, waiting for my turn to report and humiliate myself. To make matters worst, I think of unfortunate situations that might happen to further humiliate me like tripping while I'm on my way in front of the class, having sweaty pits, stuttering, blanking out, feeling nauseous then vomitting due to nervousness. I know, I'm being overdramatic hahaha. I know some of you feel this way too before speaking in front of a crowd, maybe even those gifted speakers. They're just so good in keeping it cool.

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