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Birthday post
Thursday, November 10, 2011 ★
I think this is my best birthday so far. And my high school friends are to be credited for that. I invited my closest friends from high school (which are the bestfriends anyone can have) and we just pigged out at home. They brought ice cream and my boyfriend brought a tiramisu cake which basically made my day. I made mango grahams too (it's initially called mango float but mango grahams is more appropriate, I think) which gained so much positive responses cos everyone liked it. Sorry for the lack of photos since it's an awkward moment for me to be taking so much photos of food lol! In short we had lots of kwentos and laughters over food. Then we watched Super 8 with microwave popcorns. I'm just so blessed to have friends that aren't KJ and are willing to go home late hehe. Then some of my friends decided to spend the night with me since it's too late for them to go home. That means all nighter heart to heart talks with them, which I pretty much missed!! That night compensated for my coming-of-adult-age dissapointment lol!

Thank you friends & thank you to the best boyfriend in the whole world! :)

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