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It's Kind of a Funny Story 2010
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 ★

I watched It's Kind of a Funny Story which was based on a novel of the same title. It's a nice inspiring movie. I especially love the screenplay and soundtrack! :D It's about a boy finding himself admitted in a psychiatric ward after experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. There he met a lot of people with different problems and he found that there are other people who goes through a lot more than he does. I want to tell the rest of the story but it might spoil you so better find out for yourself :D

Sometimes, we tend to feel as if our life's not worth living. There are times when we feel self-pity; like we are cheated on by the world, as if everyone conspires against us. I, myself, feel that also (especially when I PMS. lol). We all have our own burdens to carry. And when we decide something, we have to consider those who cares for us - how it will make them feel - not just ourselves. Cause if we don't, we just add load to the burdens of everyone.

I mentioned I loved the screenplay. This is my favorite part.
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