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Au revoir
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 ★

I can't believe summer classes are over!! XD which means no more Physics evaahh! For the mean time, that is. Cos I'm not yet confident if I'm gonna pass. Finals was freakin hard. Dont get me wrong, I studied. Okay maybe I checked my Facebook once in a while. Haha. Man, I'm not confident at all! If I fail Physics, that means I just wasted my summer waking up 5am everyday. And also my boyfriend's cos he calls me to wake me up and make sure I won't fall back to sleep so I won't be late. So please God don't make me flunk Physics. For the mean time, I won't be thinking of it cos I just wanna enjoy the three remaining weeks before classes resume for the first sem.

My final exam for Physics was yesterday. After that my boyfriend and I decided to go out. We went to UP Diliman to eat isaw cos we really miss those barbecued intestines. It was raining so hard, plan B was to go to Trinoma and eat at Taco Bell instead. We just wanna pig out. Good thing the rain subsided so we were able to go to eat Mang Larry's isaw. If you are fond of eating isaw then you must try the isaw there, plus other barbecued organs. Lol. Just ask the jeepney drivers around the campus and they'll know where. We were about to go home when our high school friend texted and invited to play billiards. Though it was pouring so hard and it's 9pm we decided to go. What a summer class-ender.

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