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Enrollment day
Friday, June 4, 2010 ★
So last Wednesday I got enrolled. The registration was quite smooth and for me to say that means I was lucky. Went to the college at 9.40 and finished enrolling by around 11.00. That includes a few chats with teh blockmates.

Hello, schedule. I feel a bit contented with it cause I don't have 7am (or last sem, 6.30am) classes since I haaaaaaaaate waking up so early. But then, classes up to 7pm? That sucks maaaan!

Anyway, after eating lunch with some blockmates I met up with my high school friends (Disney, Michal, Lance) to play a couple of LAN games for 4 hours. We've always been doing that since summer and it's really fun even though we're playing the same games over and over. After all, it's the company that makes activities fun, right? Then we went to Disney's place to supposedly watch movies. But when we attempt to watch a movie, we always end up talking or making harot. Soo we ended up watching three episodes of Skins and relating a character (Cassie) to our HS classmate. LOL. Then we pillow fought and laughed our asses of. Gosh, I feel like I'm still in highschool. Good times, goooood times. :-bd

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